Newt Gingrich: Debates Over, Unite Behind Trump or Face 4 More Years of Biden!

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich has joined the ranks of those urging the Republican National Committee (RNC) to call it quits on the dismal debate season and rally behind frontrunner Donald Trump. In a recent appearance on Fox News, Gingrich declared that the race for the nomination is essentially over, highlighting Trump’s commanding lead in the polls and the lackluster performances of his rivals during the latest debate.

Gingrich didn’t mince words when describing the debate, stating that while none of the candidates were inherently bad, none of them even came close to matching Trump’s league. He emphasized that Trump’s ability to boldly take on the entire national establishment, enduring eight years of relentless attacks, and still maintain a cheerful campaign presence sets him apart as a unique and exceptional phenomenon.

Drawing from his extensive political experience, Gingrich placed Trump at the pinnacle of the GOP’s presidential prospects. With Trump having already secured the presidency in 2016 and poised to challenge the floundering incumbent, President Joe Biden, Gingrich argued that Trump has earned the right to bypass the arduous nominating process and head straight into the general election.

When confronted with the efforts of anti-Trump Republicans to rally behind Governor Glenn Youngkin as a last-ditch effort to halt Trump’s momentum, Gingrich dismissed such attempts. He warned that the options are stark: either support the Trump train or brace for another four years of the Biden administration. According to Gingrich, the debates are futile at this point and only serve to undermine Trump’s campaign.

President Trump himself has made his dissatisfaction with the RNC’s debate performances clear. He skipped the first debate in favor of an interview with Tucker Carlson and opted to address a crowd of union workers in Michigan during the second debate. Notably, Trump plans to skip the upcoming third debate as well.

In light of Gingrich’s endorsement of Trump and his assessment of the GOP race, it becomes increasingly apparent that Trump’s nomination is all but inevitable. The primacy of his position, coupled with the inadequacies exhibited by his opponents in the debates, amplifies the urgency for Republicans to rally behind their frontrunner if they hope to prevent Biden from securing another term in the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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