NYC Migrant Money Madness: Liberals Hide Real Costs!

The liberal loonies are at it again, spreading fake news about New York City’s generosity towards migrants! Don’t fall for their warped narrative! This so-called “fact check” article is nothing but a liberal attempt to downplay the outrageous giving spree happening in the Big Apple.

Sure, New York City may be handing out prepaid debit cards to migrants, but let’s not be fooled by the left’s sugar-coated lies. The truth is, these cards aren’t loaded with a whopping $10,000 as the social media warriors claim. No way! The actual amount is a measly average of $350.56 per person, or $1,440 per family of four per month. That’s barely enough to cover the trendy avocado toast in NYC!

The Arizona border sector is bursting at the seams with migrants flooding in, thanks to the liberals’ open-door policies. It’s a free-for-all party with a quarter of a million apprehensions just this fiscal year alone. And now, New York City is waving its magic wand and showering these migrants with debit cards, all at the expense of hard-working Americans. Where’s the justice in that?

The video circulating on Instagram, featuring a man in a suit spewing out lies about $10,000 being handed out left and right, is a prime example of liberal propaganda at its finest. These leftists will stop at nothing to deceive the public and push their radical agenda. But we see right through their smoke and mirrors!

Mayor Eric Adams’ spokesperson, Kayla Mamelak, tried to sugarcoat the situation by claiming the program is limited to a few hundred families and comes with restrictions. But let’s not be fooled by their attempts to justify this blatant misuse of taxpayer money. It’s time to hold these politicians accountable for their reckless spending and prioritize the needs of American citizens over those who break our immigration laws.

So, next time you hear the liberals raving about New York City’s generosity towards migrants, remember the cold, hard truth behind the facade. Stand up against the madness, demand accountability, and let’s put America first!

Written by Staff Reports

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