Biden Bungles Late Night Show: Loses Mind, Smears Trump, Geographically Challenged!

In a recent interview with Seth Meyers on “Late Night,” Joe Biden showcased his typical confusion and delusions, spreading false stories about former President Trump. The anti-Israel protesters outside the building were probably the smartest ones there!

The funniest part was how The Hill called it “late night” when it was actually filmed in the afternoon. Classic Biden, can’t even get the time right. Maybe he thought it was time for an early bird dinner special.

During the softball interview, Biden wore a combined American/Ukraine flag pin, trying to distract from his blunders by attacking Trump for the border issue. It’s sad when you can’t remember your wife’s name but can blame Trump for all your problems.

Biden even went as far as spreading a hoax about Trump calling his wife, Melania, “Mercedes.” Talk about grasping at straws! The man can’t even remember world leaders’ names correctly. Rihanna, Yolanda, Xi Jinping being Russian – it’s like playing a game of “Name That Leader.”

And let’s not forget Biden claiming to have been in the “Tibetan mountains” with Xi Jinping when they were actually in Chengdu. Geography isn’t his strong suit, clearly. Maybe he was daydreaming about ice cream during that part of the interview.

With Biden not even knowing what year it is, how can anyone take him seriously? It’s time for a reality check, folks. If he’s our “finish the job” agenda for 2024, we might as well say goodbye to common sense. Let’s hope voters see through the confusion and choose wisely in the next election.

Written by Staff Reports

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