OUTRAGE! Biden’s Verbal Attacks on the Media are Escalating

President Biden has continued his alarming verbal attacks on any member of the press who disagrees with him. He criticized reporters who pressed him on his lack of appearances on the campaign trail.

Despite the mainstream media's liberal bias, Biden has been very hostile toward the press throughout his presidency. He has referred to a reporter as a kid, called a Fox News anchor a dumb son of a b—-, and even referred to Kelly O'Donnell as a pain in the neck during an interview in the White House.

Last week, the White House was faced with questions about Biden's slim calendar, which has been widely reported as a liability for Democrats in close races. It appeared that he didn't appreciate the reporters who asked about his plans for the campaign.

Biden has a history of responding to tough questions with anger or sarcasm. He is far too used to getting soft ball questions from left-leaning members of the media.

In June, Biden had a heated exchange with a reporter after he was asked about the possible recession. Last year, he criticized CNN's Kaitlan Collins after she said that he was confident that Vladimir Putin would change his ways.

Another topic that has frequently sent Biden into a tizzy is his son Hunter, whose controversial laptop has been a source of frustration for the White House.

Before the 2020 presidential election, a CBS reporter asked about Hunter's work for a Ukrainian energy company. The New York Post reported that he used his government laptop to send and receive thousands of emails.

During a heated exchange with a reporter, Biden referred to the reporter's question as a "smear campaign" and claimed that he had no response to the question.


Written by Staff Reports

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