Panicked View Hosts Beg Harris for Anti-Trump Tactics: Too Desperate?

In a recent episode of “The View,” the panicked hosts desperately tried to plead with Vice President Kamala Harris on how the Biden campaign can defeat Donald Trump in the next election. It’s clear that they are still haunted by the memory of Trump’s dominant win in the 2020 Iowa caucuses. These ladies, who claim to spew “diverse” viewpoints, seem to only have one solution in mind: more fearmongering.

One of the hosts, Sarah Haines, voiced her concerns about the Jan 6 “insurrection” and claimed that attacks on Trump are not working to sway voters. Well, isn’t that a surprise? Democrats relying on fear and hatred instead of actually addressing issues that impact Americans’ lives. News flash, Sarah: indictments won’t get Biden anywhere. Maybe they should focus on the economy, which has been a disaster under Biden’s disastrous policies.

During the show, Kamala Harris attempted to pivot the conversation to the economy, even though Biden’s economic policies have resulted in skyrocketing prices and financial hardship for hardworking Americans. It’s clear that Harris and the rest of the Democrats have no real solutions and are merely trying to distract from their failures by playing the victim card and exaggerating the threats to our democracy posed by Trump.

Even Joy Behar, the epitome of intellectual prowess, chimed in with her own incoherent ramblings. She wondered how the Biden campaign would go after Trump and mentioned some Democrats’ claims that the campaign was too complacent. It’s truly laughable to think that attacking Trump more aggressively is the answer. Maybe they should focus on presenting a viable alternative instead of simply bashing the former president.

Then there was Alyssa Farah Griffin, another pretend-Republican, who brought up Trump’s felony indictments. She neglected to mention that these charges are yet to be proven and are likely politically motivated. But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good anti-Trump narrative, right?

Lastly, Sunny Hostin suggested that Harris would be an asset to Biden due to her supposed connection to young people. Apparently, young voters are unhappy with Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Maybe they should be more concerned about the real threats to our country, rather than siding with terrorists.

Throughout the show, the hosts failed to come up with any real solutions or ideas to save Biden’s floundering campaign. They couldn’t explain why Biden isn’t receiving the same scrutiny as Trump, conveniently ignoring his many gaffes and obvious signs of cognitive decline. It’s a clear double standard.

The bottom line is that fearmongering about Trump and MAGA extremists is not going to work this time around. The Biden administration has been a disaster since day one, from the border crisis to Bidenomics. They have nothing to run on except being “not as bad as Trump.” Well, sorry, but that’s not going to cut it. Americans are tired of the empty promises and failed policies of the left. It’s time for real change, and that won’t come from the Biden-Harris ticket.

Written by Staff Reports

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