Patronis Shocked at Texas Border Crisis, FL Sends Backup

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, a key ally of Governor Ron DeSantis, recently experienced firsthand the tumultuous scenes unfolding at the Texas border during a visit. Witnessing the rampant illegal immigration and drug trafficking crises, Patronis was stunned by the brazen activities of Mexican cartel smugglers openly ferrying immigrants and narcotics across the border.

During a phone conversation on Wednesday, Patronis shared his astonishment at the audacious actions of the smugglers, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Responding to the crisis, Florida has mobilized 1,000 National Guard soldiers and dispatched 90 law enforcement officers to support federal, state, and local authorities as part of Texas’s Operation Lone Star. Since its inception in 2021, this initiative has led to the apprehension of half a million illegal immigrants and the seizure of an alarming 469 million doses of fentanyl that slipped past federal customs and border patrols.

During his visit to Eagle Pass, a border town, Patronis witnessed law enforcement apprehending over 2,000 illegal immigrants in a single day. He noted the efforts of the Abbott administration, which had reinforced riverbanks with concertina wire, installed a 1,000-foot buoy in the Rio Grande, and positioned cargo containers to deter crossings. These measures have significantly reduced illegal entries into Eagle Pass.

The success achieved in Texas has boosted the morale of the 25 Florida personnel deployed to the border, all of whom volunteered for the mission. Patronis reiterated Florida’s steadfast support for Texas and emphasized the importance of reciprocating the assistance while striving to prevent illegal immigration into Florida.

Additionally, Patronis highlighted the positive impact of reinforcements from Florida and other states on the morale of Texas state police and deployed soldiers, providing them with the encouragement to sustain their efforts in managing the crisis.

Overall, Patronis's border visit underscored the urgency of addressing the illegal immigration and drug trafficking challenges while emphasizing the significance of Florida's solidarity with Texas in combating these issues.

Written by Staff Reports

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