Pence Blasts Trump in New Book, Karen Fearless During Capitol Chaos

In a shocking turn of events, former Vice President Mike Pence has finally spoken out about the events of January 6th and expressed his dissatisfaction with former President Trump. In his new book, appropriately titled “So Help Me God,” Pence reveals that he believed Trump’s “reckless words had endangered” his family and the brave individuals serving at the Capitol that day.

The evidence presented by the January 6 Select Committee only solidifies Pence’s claims. Secret Service agents were reportedly concerned about Pence’s safety and urged him to leave immediately. Some agents even made goodbye calls to their loved ones, fearing the worst. It’s clear that the situation was dire, with chaos and confusion reigning supreme within the Capitol.

However, Pence’s brave wife, Karen Pence, seems to have a different recollection of that fateful day. In an interview with ABC News, she boldly stated that she “never felt afraid” and had an overwhelming sense of peace and purpose. While her husband and those around her may have been in a state of panic, Karen stood tall and resolute.

As a conservative, one can’t help but admire the unwavering strength and faith of the Pences. In an era where fear and chaos seem to dominate the narrative, Karen’s ability to find peace amidst turmoil is truly admirable. She even reveals a little secret about the precautions they’ve taken during their time in the public eye, such as closing the drapes to prevent potential threats from outside. It’s clear that the Pences have dealt with adversity before and are well-prepared for any situation.

Amidst the revelations about January 6th, it’s important to remember that Mike Pence is now preparing for the first GOP presidential primary debate. While he currently stands at a respectable 5.2 percent in national surveys, he still trails behind Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. It’s an uphill battle for Pence, but his newfound independence from Trump may just be the fresh start he needs to win over voters.

Ultimately, the Pences’ contrasting experiences on January 6th highlight the resilience of conservative values and the unwavering belief in God’s presence. While some may perceive Pence’s actions as a betrayal of the former president, others may see it as a courageous act of speaking the truth. As the 2024 presidential race continues to heat up, it will be interesting to see how Pence’s newfound voice shapes the conservative landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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