Planned Parenthood CEO Demands Court-Packing: Desperate Move by Radical Left?

Pro-abortion advocates are once again enraged with the US Supreme Court, and this time they’re calling for reform just because they cannot handle the conservative majority in the country. Planned Parenthood, the notorious non-profit organization that provides abortion services, has now joined the bandwagon. In a recent MSNBC interview, its CEO, Alexis McGill Johnson, called for the court’s expansion, which is commonly known as “court-packing” coupled with term limits.

The Hill reported that McGill Johnson cited what she claims to be a few attacks on “our democratic rights and our democratic freedoms” as reasons to overhaul the high court. This is how radical leftists persuade the masses – make unfounded claims and spread propaganda to fool people into jumping on their bandwagon.

McGill Johnson’s reactions and justifications didn’t stop there. She went on to say that the court was captured, and that it’s been fully captured in so many ways. Referring to Justice Thomas’s ethics concerns, she expressed the need for a paradigm shift in America’s judicial system to remedy the obvious failings of a system that was designed to work under conservative values.

The response on social media was not surprising. Many people condemned her thoughts and held her accountable for the narrative. One Twitter user wrote, “laws are to be made by legislation not proclamation.” Another user pointed out that the tactic is getting old and that they should come up with new ideas.

Expanding the Supreme Court is an unrealistic dream that only far-left Democrats can foster. They might try their best to get what they want, but Republicans must remain vigilant and not let them achieve their radical aims.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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