Musk Fights Back, Denies Any Ties to Epstein Despite Subpoena Drama

Elon Musk stands firm against the baseless accusations claiming that he had any involvement with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. A subpoena to testify in the ongoing trial surrounding Epstein and J.P. Morgan Chase has been issued, and the entrepreneur has made it clear that he has had no contact with Epstein since the criminal’s conviction.

The lawsuit filed by the U.S Virgin Islands and aimed at JPMorgan claims that the bank allowed Epstein to continue to exploit young girls while key executives continued to visit his infamous compound. However, Musk has dismissed the idea that Epstein ever introduced him to JPMorgan, calling the allegation “idiotic on so many levels.” He also emphasized that he never listened to the financial advice of “a dumb crook” like Epstein.

In response, the U.S Virgin Islands have demanded that Musk hand over all documents, correspondence, and payment records with the bank to ascertain whether Musk had any insider knowledge about Epstein’s abuse of young women and minors. Nevertheless, Musk stands by his innocence and resolutely denies any affiliation with Epstein and his enabler Ghislaine Maxwell.

Attempts to link Musk to Jeffrey Epstein and J.P. Morgan Chase are nothing more than a cheap ploy to defame the successful entrepreneur’s name. Even a photo that emerged showing him and Maxwell together at the 2014 Oscars party has been dismissed by Musk as a mere “photobomb.” The lawsuit itself is a blatant attempt to find evidence connecting powerful individuals with Epstein’s crimes. Other organizations and individuals targeted by the U.S. Virgin Islands include Tesla itself, Google co-founder Larry Page, and former Disney president Michael Ovitz.

The political left-wing media seems to enjoy attacking successful people in the business community. Elon Musk has not forgotten how JPMorgan let Tesla down 10 years ago. It’s not difficult to see why Musk has no trust in the bank, nor any reason to feel in any way connected to Epstein. The accusations against him are nothing more than unsubstantiated smear tactics designed to bring successful conservative figures down to the levels of the liberal elites.

Written by Staff Reports

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