Big Pharma Funds Radical LGBTQ+ Agenda in American Hospitals

Big Pharma is at it again, pushing their own agenda onto American hospitals and young patients, according to a recent report from The Washington Free Beacon. It turns out that Pfizer and the pharmaceutical trade association PhRMA have funded a so-called “medical index” that promotes LGBTQ+ ideologies at the expense of American hospitals that don’t follow their strict criteria.

The Healthcare Equality Index (HEI), introduced by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), grades U.S. hospitals based on their compliance with LGBTQ+ criteria, including using preferred pronouns, exhibiting LGBTQ+ symbols, and administering training programs that are approved by the HRC. Hospitals that want to get a perfect score must bow down to this radical agenda, even if it goes against their own beliefs and values.

But that’s not all. The HEI also pressures doctors to provide treatments to patients who claim to be transgender without showing any symptoms of gender dysphoria. It even goes so far as to penalize medical institutions that refuse to perform hysterectomies or mastectomies on young patients, which are extreme and often irreversible procedures.

Former nurse Beth Rempe revealed that doctors at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., were required to wear pins displaying the transgender flag and instructed to perform sex change surgeries on patients based on their “mood,” even if it went against their own ethics. It’s a disturbing trend that threatens the health and well-being of patients and could cause irreparable harm.

The HEI is a dangerous and life-threatening agenda that puts LGBTQ+ ideologies ahead of the health and safety of young patients. It’s time for hospitals and medical professionals to stand up against this radical movement and ensure that patients receive the care they need based on science and evidence, not on political ideologies.

Written by Staff Reports

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