Putin Replaces Defense Minister Amidst Corruption Arrests

In a big change, it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to switch out his defense minister last week. This means that former Vice Prime Minister Andrei Belousov is stepping in to take over the job.

It was also mentioned that the old defense minister’s top assistant got arrested for doing corrupt things. This shows that there might have been some bad stuff happening in the defense ministry.

The news also says that the outgoing defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, is now going to lead the Kremlin’s security council. So even though he’s not defense minister anymore, he’s still going to be in an important role.

The article explained that there have been some rough things going on, like Russia starting a new attack in Ukraine. This shows that Russia isn’t playing nice with other countries. They’re trying to take over places that don’t belong to them.

Some expert said that Russia might not be able to take over the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine, but they could still cause trouble there. This means that Russia is still a threat, even if they don’t win every time.

Putin also started his fifth time as president of Russia. He said that Russia wants to talk with other countries, but only if they stop being mean to Russia. This shows that Putin wants to be friends, but only on his own terms.

Written by Staff Reports

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