Sanctuary State Cries ‘Emergency’ Amid Illegals Invasion!

In a hilarious twist of irony, the governor of Massachusetts, Maura Healey, has declared a state of emergency due to the overwhelming number of illegal immigrants pouring into the state. This is quite the pickle for conservatives, who can’t help but point out the blatant hypocrisy in the governor’s support of Massachusetts’ sanctuary status for these very same illegal immigrants.

But alas, here we are with a governor who didn’t seem to think there would be any consequences to welcoming illegal immigrants with open arms. Now, faced with an influx of undocumented individuals, she’s suddenly singing a different tune and begging for help.

It’s quite comical to see these liberal leaders scrambling when they realize that their policies have real-life implications. Perhaps if they had actually listened to the concerns of conservatives, who have been warning about the negative impact of unfettered immigration for years, they wouldn’t be in this predicament.

In the end, this “emergency” declaration only serves to highlight the flawed logic of sanctuary policies. It’s time for Massachusetts and other sanctuary states to wake up and realize the potential harm they’re causing to their own citizens by prioritizing the needs of illegal immigrants over the rule of law.

Written by Staff Reports

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