SHOCKING: Fox News Holds “Oppo File” Over Tucker Carlson

Fox News spokeswoman, Irena Briganti, is reportedly holding an “oppo file” against Tucker Carlson, which includes allegations of a sexually charged and discriminatory atmosphere among those who worked for his show. It is said that Briganti is willing to release damaging information on Carlson if he speaks out against Fox News after his departure. Anonymous sources have accused Briganti of attempting to control the network’s stars by maintaining files that can be used against them if they stray from Fox’s approved lines.

This tactic isn’t new for Briganti. In 2017, when Megyn Kelly left Fox News to join a rival network, Briganti reportedly pushed journalists to write about Kelly’s low ratings and rumors that she asked a star of the show Will & Grace if it led to him becoming gay. Kelly has previously spoken out about seeking consequences against those Briganti deems insufficiently loyal to Fox News, calling the spokesman “vindictive.”

Despite having hired Bryan Freedman to manage his exit from Fox News and expressing his concerns in text messages disclosed during the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit, Carlson has yet to publicly criticize the network. Some sources believe the reason behind Carlson’s silence could be connected to Briganti’s possession of the “oppo file.” Carlson spoke out in his messages, pointing out the incompetence of liberals and the top leadership with too much pride to back down.

It doesn’t come as a shock to see the lengths to which Briganti is willing to go to control Fox News’ stars. What has become shocking, however, is the rise of vindictiveness among media corporate elites. Carlson’s exit from the network and Briganti’s “oppo file” tactics laid bare the lack of freedoms left to differing opinions in media, whether it be on air or off air. The left-wing influencers have become so powerful that they are no longer afraid to silence people with differing opinions even outside of their purview.

Written by Staff Reports

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