Slate’s Twisted Logic Defends Biden’s Overreach on Student Loans

In another leftist attempt to justify President Joe Biden’s overreach, Slate writer Alex Rowell claimed that Congress may have inadvertently supported Biden’s student loan forgiveness actions. However, the convoluted “logic” put forth by Rowell is hard to follow, let alone accept.

Rowell asserts that Congress failed to pass laws banning or negating loan forgiveness and, in passing a debt ceiling deal, gave the Department of Education tacit permission to extend the loan pause, which sets a legal precedent for forgiveness. However, this is a misguided argument. The pause was initiated to offset the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, and it is entirely different from loan forgiveness, which has no actual justification.

It is crucial to note that Congress’s inability to prohibit loan forgiveness is due to its partisan dynamics and not because of the action’s merits. President Biden has undoubtedly overreached his authority as president, but Congress has yet to stop him because it lacks a veto-proof majority in either chamber.

This argument is an attempt to legitimize the Biden administration’s actions, but it weakens the major questions doctrine. This doctrine mandates that there must be “clear congressional authorization” for an agency to transform its authority to great effect. It doesn’t make sense that Biden can do whatever he wants just because Congress lacks a way to hinder him. The courts exist to check executive overreach and ensure that the president does not act beyond his authority.

In conclusion, the argument put forth by leftist outlets is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to justify President Biden’s unconstitutional actions. The Supreme Court will undoubtedly reject this stance and check Biden’s illegitimate authority, at least in this one area, hopefully for the betterment of our judicial system.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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