Supreme Court at risk: Soros and Pelosi fund far-left Democrat’s campaign with millions

The liberal elite is pouring massive funds into the Democratic Party of Wisconsin ahead of the state’s upcoming Supreme Court election. George Soros and Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, along with Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, are funneling millions of dollars into this campaign to buy the election for their puppet Janet Protasiewicz. During the reported period of Feb. 7 to March 20, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin funneled roughly $8.7 million in funds to Protasiewicz’s campaign, Janet for Justice. Soros and Pritzker each donated $1 million to the party, while Pelosi donated $12,000 in funds.

Protasiewicz seems like a good fit for Soros and pals, because she’s a far-left Democrat who has been soft on crime and supports catch and release DA policies. Her pro-criminal record aligns well with the agenda of Soros and other liberal politicians, who have worked to wreak havoc in Democrat-run cities across the United States. It’s clear that Soros and Pritzker’s million-dollar contributions underscore that Protasiewicz will be a progressive rubber stamp for their political interests.

The amount of funds she has received is simply astronomical. With over $8 million in monetary donations and over $700,000 in non-monetary funds from the state’s Democratic Party, Protasiewicz has received over $12.4 million for her campaign. It’s no wonder that someone like her is being bankrolled by far-left Democrats responsible for policies that have weakened America. Thankfully, the Republican Party is backing Justice Dan Kelly. His campaign has only received $2.2 million in total funds, with the Wisconsin Republican Party giving less than $500,000 in total.

This upcoming election in Wisconsin is incredibly crucial for the future of the state. The seat Protasiewicz and Kelly are fighting for will determine the balance of the Court, as the retirement of conservative Justice Patience Roggensack has left a 4-3 conservative majority vulnerable. It will be interesting to see how Wisconsinites choose to vote on topics like abortion rights and crime. A vote for Protasiewicz would be disastrous for Wisconsin because it would erase 25 years of conservative reform in the state.

It’s time for Wisconsinites to stand up and reject the influence of the liberal elite. We need to support candidates that align with our values, not those that want to further their own agenda at our expense. Vote for Justice Dan Kelly and keep Wisconsin on the right path.

Written by Staff Reports

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