Swing State Researchers Secretly Monitored What Big Tech Showed Voters – “Blatant Manipulation”

Researchers have accused tech companies of intentionally manipulating the results of the elections in order to help Democrats. According to Robert Epstein, Ph.D., Google manipulated the results of the elections in favor of the Democrats.

Undecided voters were shown biased content on YouTube and Google by the search engine giant, which pushed the Democrats, according to a study.
According to the researchers, Google sent fewer go-vote reminders to moderates and liberals than to conservatives. The exact number of votes that were affected by the company's actions is not known.

The Epoch Times reported:

In an article published two days before the midterm elections in 2022, I explained how tech companies, including Google, were manipulating the results of the elections. I also claimed that I knew about this happening.

According to my research, which looked into the actions of various tech companies, including Google, Facebook, and others, they were able to shift millions of votes in favor of Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections. They were also able to spread conspiracy theories and rumors to make sure that people were looking for answers.

Throughout the months leading up to the elections, Google pushed undecided voters toward a decision to support the Democrats by showing them biased content in its search engine and

YouTube, as well as suppressing content they didn't want to see. It also sent millions of emails to people's spam boxes.

If these actions were carried out in the months leading up to the elections, Google would have been able to alter the results of the elections by shifting around 80 million votes. This figure includes the votes that were spread over hundreds of elections. We'll be able to estimate the exact number of votes that were affected by these actions in the coming weeks.
Before the elections, the Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of sending its users' emails to spam folders.

For years, Google has been censoring The Gateway Pundit's informative and accurate content.

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