Trudeau’s Woke War on Restrooms: Menstrual Madness Sweeps Canada!

In a move that has left many scratching their heads, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration has gone full-blown woke with their latest regulations. The new rules demand that all federally regulated employers in Canada provide menstrual products in every bathroom to cater to transgender employees.

The regulations, which were sneakily dropped in May and quietly came into effect on December 15, now require menstrual products to be stocked in all bathrooms, regardless of their gender designation. This means that every female-identified, male-identified, and all-gender bathrooms must be stocked with these items. 

Former Canadian Sen. Linda Frum lashed out at the new policy, highlighting the absurdity of the situation by posting a picture of a basket of menstrual products inside a men’s bathroom in Parliament. She aptly pointed out the irony that, back in the day, women had to foot the bill for their own menstrual products, but now, thanks to this ridiculous regulation, men’s bathrooms are also required to carry these items. 

According to Canada’s Employment and Social Development website, the government claims that these products are “essential” and “enable menstruating persons to take part fully in the workforce and society at large.” 

But the insanity doesn’t stop at the Canadian border. In the United States, some woke colleges, such as Emerson College, have also taken the plunge into this absurdity by placing tampons in men’s bathrooms to be more inclusive for transgender students. 


Written by Staff Reports

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