Trump Judge Halts Hasty Special Counsel Ambush in Docs Drama

Aileen Cannon, the judge appointed by President Trump, made it crystal clear on Thursday that she’s not letting special counsel Jack Smith call the shots in the case involving the President’s federal classified documents. Smith tried to rush into setting pretrial dates before the trial starting in May 2024, but Judge Cannon shut him down quicker than you can say “biased special counsel.”

Smith thought he could speed up the process of uncovering classified evidence that President Trump’s attorneys want to use, but Judge Cannon wasn’t having it. She didn’t even wait for President Trump’s attorneys to object before she made her decision. That’s right, she put her foot down and said, “No way, Smith!”

The judge’s decision lines up with her previous rulings and suggests that President Trump’s trial might get delayed, just like his attorneys wanted. They’ve been arguing that the prosecutors are trying to force a high-profile trial during an election year, and it looks like Judge Cannon is finally seeing the light.

This case is no walk in the park. There’s a ton of evidence to go through, and the discovery process might take longer than Smith hoped. The prosecutors want to bring in a whopping 1.3 million pages of documents and thousands of hours of video footage from Mar-a-Lago. They claim that President Trump and his team illegally obtained classified materials from the White House. Smith has already been scolded for not giving President Trump’s attorneys access to the evidence used against him and for trying to stash the evidence more than 1,000 miles away from Mar-a-Lago and the alleged crime scene.

Judge Cannon isn’t rushing things. She’s planning to decide on future trial dates during a hearing in March 2024, giving both sides more than four months to figure out how to share evidence. Now, that’s fair and square.

Smith is trying to throw the book at President Trump with a laundry list of 37 criminal counts related to classified materials and national security secrets. President Trump says he’s as innocent as a kitten, and his attorneys are ready to bring in FBI agents to prove it. Legal experts are even predicting that a lot of Smith’s case could crumble because of how he’s been talking about it. Looks like the biased special counsel might have some explaining to do!

Written by Staff Reports

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