Trump Rallies NRA Crowd Sharpening Attacks on Biden and Hinting at Third Run

Former President Donald Trump pleased his conservative supporters with a speech at the National Rifle Association meeting where he joked about running for a third term, which upset liberals. He mentioned the long presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and playfully suggested the idea of a three-term or two-term scenario. This drew cheers from the crowd.

The X account for President Joe Biden criticized Trump’s remarks, claiming he wants to violate the Constitution by seeking a third term. However, Trump had previously stated he respects term limits and aims to serve four years. He criticized Biden’s performance and policies, asserting America is suffering under the current administration. 


Trump’s comments set the stage for the upcoming debate against President Biden, where he plans to highlight the challenges facing the nation and Biden’s perceived shortcomings, such as struggling to communicate effectively. Trump suggested drug tests for the debate, alluding to Biden appearing “high as a kite” during a recent speech.

In response, the White House dismissed Trump’s remarks as attempts to distract from Biden’s successes and confidence. Biden’s team emphasized Trump’s inability to negotiate and compete with Biden’s accomplishments in infrastructure, crime reduction, and dealings with China. Polls show concerns about Biden’s age and fitness for another term, which Trump has highlighted through mockery in his speeches.

Written by Staff Reports

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