Family Wealth Growth Slows Under Biden After Booming Under Trump

Family Wealth Soared Under Trump, Stagnated Under Biden

The recent news shows that families in America saw their riches grow when President Trump was in charge, but things aren’t looking as bright under President Biden. Inflation, which means the prices of things going up, has made it hard for families to have as much money as they hoped for.

Some people are talking about how inflation is hurting families and President Biden isn’t handling the economy well. The Financial Times and ABC News both have stories saying that people are worried about high prices, with many folks trusting former President Trump more when it comes to dealing with inflation. 


Life hasn’t been easy for many families. Even though stocks have gone up, many regular folks haven’t seen their wealth grow much when you take away the increasing prices. In fact, when you consider inflation, the money families have has just barely increased under President Biden, while it went up way more when President Trump was leading the country.

It’s not just about the money families have right now, but also about the money they’ve been saving for later. Some families might have to wait longer to retire or have less money saved up, all because prices keep going up faster than their paychecks.

In the end, a lot of people are feeling like they’re stuck in the same place, not getting ahead. They’re blaming President Biden for what they call “Bidenflation.” People want to see changes that will help them have more money for their families’ future.

Opinion: Families need a leader who can control rising prices and make sure they can keep more of their hard-earned money. President Biden needs to do better so that all Americans can have a brighter financial future.

Written by Staff Reports

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