Biden’s Shortened Speeches Seen as Attempt to Hide Gaffes and Dishonesty

NBC News recently reported that Joe Biden’s advisors are encouraging him to shorten his speeches at public events in order to focus on delivering higher quality remarks. However, from a conservative perspective, this seems like an attempt to cover up the fact that Biden often struggles to communicate effectively and is prone to making false statements. Even with shorter speeches, Biden’s track record of dishonesty and potential cognitive decline will continue to be a concern for voters.

Biden’s recent address at the NAACP dinner in Detroit has drawn criticism for his aloof demeanor and apparent dishonesty. There are growing concerns about his mental acuity, with some attributing his gaffes to potential dementia. Many conservatives believe that this raises serious doubts about his ability to serve a second term as president, and polls show that a majority of Americans agree that Biden may be too old to continue in office. 


In a recent speech, Biden made a false statement about his role as vice president during the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that things were “kinda bad” while he was in that position. In reality, Biden was not vice president at the time, and this kind of factual inaccuracy plays into the narrative that the president is prone to misleading the public.

There is also speculation about Biden’s future as the Democratic Party’s nominee in the next election. While some doubt his viability, others believe that unless the Democratic National Committee takes decisive action, Biden will likely be their candidate once again. Despite his shortcomings, he remains the face of the party, and his struggles to connect with voters are becoming more apparent.

Additionally, Biden’s recent actions in Michigan, including cutting off arms shipments to Israel, may be seen as an attempt to appease certain voter groups. However, conservatives argue that these gestures are hypocritical, as the administration has approved arms packages for Israel behind the scenes. This approach has sparked protests and criticism, as many view Biden’s policies towards Israel as inconsistent and detrimental.

Overall, from a conservative standpoint, Biden’s efforts to improve his public speaking and address cognitive concerns are unlikely to erase doubts about his leadership abilities and honesty. His actions and statements continue to raise questions about his fitness for office, and his attempts to court certain voter demographics are met with skepticism and opposition.

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