Trump Slams Lunatic Left, Biden’s Legal Leech at Iowa State Fair

In a recent report released by the Federal Elections Commission, it has been revealed that former President Donald Trump’s campaign finances are taking a hard hit from the ongoing legal battles he is facing. Despite spending a whopping $30 million in the second quarter of 2023, Trump’s Save America PAC currently only has $3.6 million in cash on hand. This drastic decrease in funds can be attributed to the hefty legal fees associated with the various lawsuits and indictments against him. It is worth noting that this report also highlights the return of $12.25 million from Trump’s Make America Great Again Super PAC, making it the largest refund of funds in FEC history.

The legal troubles for Trump seem to be escalating as the Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney has announced her intentions to charge him soon. Trump, not one to shy away from expressing his opinions, took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to place the blame squarely on the Left for his financial woes. He specifically pointed a finger at the “Lunatic Left” for his extensive legal fees. These fees have had a significant impact on his campaign funds, with the Save America PAC shrinking from over $100 million to just $3.6 million in a year’s time. Additionally, filings have shown that Trump’s campaign and other associated committees have spent over $40 million in legal fees since the start of 2021.

While the left may be reveling in Trump’s legal battles, they fail to see the growing enthusiasm and momentum behind the former president. Trump’s recent appearance at the Iowa State Fair was met with great excitement and energy from his supporters. In his speech, he criticized President Joe Biden and his administration for the state of the country. When asked about the possibility of taking a plea deal in Fulton County, Trump brushed off the question in his typical fashion, pushing back against the press.

Despite the left’s efforts to stop Trump, they are finding little success. The American people who stand with Trump have remained steadfast in their support, undeterred by the ongoing legal battles. In fact, with each indictment, Trump’s strength within the GOP primary has only grown. Recent polls have even shown Trump leading Biden, with a Morning Consult poll putting him ahead by a point. The Real Clear Politics Average poll indicates that Trump maintains a 43 percent approval rating, significantly higher than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who trails at 15 percent. Trump’s popularity remains strong in Iowa as well, where he stands at 44 percent, followed by DeSantis at 17 percent and Senator Tim Scott at nine percent. If the Fulton County District Attorney proceeds with another indictment, it could potentially result in another surge of support for Trump.

The unwavering enthusiasm for Trump not only translates into voter support but also fundraising. Americans continue to financially support the former president, both in large and small contributions. This unwavering support has drawn criticism from legacy media figures like Jonah Goldberg, who portray Trump’s supporters as ignorant and dangerous. However, their cries and attempts to undermine Trump’s fundraising efforts will fall on deaf ears, as his supporters remain loyal and dedicated.

Written by Staff Reports

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