Washington Post Reporter Crumbles Under Hunter Biden Bribery Query!

The Russia collusion hoax has been regarded as one of the most significant journalistic failures in recent history. From the beginning, there was no evidence to support the allegations made by liberal protestors against Trump. The various bombshells that were presented during the investigation quickly fell apart, exposing the hoax as a fabrication.

Despite the fact that there was no evidence supporting the allegations made by the protestors, no one from the liberal media has been held accountable.

The latest example of the liberal media's journalistic disaster is the Hunter Biden story.

The mainstream media did not examine the laptop that was reportedly used by the president's son, instead reporting on the Russian disinformation claim as fact.

They also did not investigate the various pieces of evidence that were presented during the investigation, such as the emails and the suspicious activity reports.

Journalists from the liberal media are incapable of handling situations such as these. During an interview on the Noam Dworman podcast, Washington Post reporter Philip Bump lost his composure after he was asked about the story. Instead of defending himself, he insulted the individuals who disagreed with him. This is the kind behavior that has made the media incredibly hated. They refuse to acknowledge their mistakes and belittle those who dare to question them.

The media's power has diminished due to Trump's expose of their bias, and they can't handle being subjected to fact-verification by conservative and independent journalists. The liberal media has also been severely damaged by their own reporting, which has repeatedly proven that they are wrong. Despite the fact that they need to improve their journalistic skills, I doubt they will ever do so.

Written by Staff Reports

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