WATCH: Trump Exposes Fake Obama Letter and Spying Scandal

President Trump recently sat down for an interview with Mark Levin on Fox News, where he called out former President Barack Obama for his insincere and “fake” letter left behind for him. Despite acknowledging the letter to be “beautiful” and “well-written,” Trump criticized Obama and his supporters’ continued attempts to undermine his presidency, pointing to their alleged spying on his campaign and creation of a fake dossier claiming he colluded with Russia to win the presidential seat.

Trump accused the Democrat Party and crooked Hillary Clinton of paying for the fake dossier and reiterated allegations that Obama’s advisors attempted to “vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal.” Trump expressed his outrage by posing a hypothetical question about spying on their campaign, asking, “how about if we spied on their campaign?”

The President expressed his differing opinions from Obama and claimed that his predecessor’s relationship with Europe was weak. According to him, European nations were allowed to rip off the US under Obama’s leadership. Trump further pointed out that Germany preferred Obama because he let them get away with what they were doing. In contrast, he prevented such theft from happening under his leadership.

The President also touched upon Democrats’ attempts to impeach him, claiming that the charges were deceitful and that it was merely a cover-up regarding Russia and Ukraine. Democrats led the impeachment efforts over allegations that Trump directed Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy to uncover damaging information about Hunter Biden’s business dealings as Joe Biden prepared to challenge him in the 2020 election.

President Trump’s interview with Mark Levin on Fox News highlighted his deep concerns regarding the Obama administration’s fake dossier and spying on his campaign. He also made it clear that his presidency was different from his predecessor’s, and he prevented European nations from exploiting America.

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