Hunter Biden dodges child support payments and denies the existence of his own daughter

Hunter Biden, the infamous deadbeat dad, made his way to an Arkansas courtroom on Monday morning, fulfilling a court-ordered obligation that he had avoided for years. Judge Don McSpadden ordered the appearance after Biden refused to acknowledge his daughter, Navy Joan Biden, and dodged child support payments for years. Despite earning millions for the Biden family over the last decade, he claimed in court that he didn’t have the money to support his own child. Classic.

But that’s not all, folks. When Lunden Roberts, the mother of Biden’s daughter, requested that the Biden name be attached to her child’s last name, Hunter fought it tooth and nail. Talk about a deadbeat dad in denial.

What’s even more alarming is that Joe and Jill Biden refuse to acknowledge the existence of their granddaughter, Navy Joan. When asked about his grandchildren, President Biden insisted that he has six, when in fact he has seven. It’s shocking to see a family that claims to value “unity” and “family values” disregard their own flesh and blood.

It’s important to hold the Biden family accountable for their actions, especially when they claim to hold themselves to such high moral standards. Hunter Biden’s blatant refusal to step up as a father and provide for his child is unacceptable, and Joe and Jill Biden’s deliberate denial of their granddaughter is disheartening. Let’s hope justice is finally served in this case.

Written by Staff Reports

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