Whistleblower Exposes Juicy Secrets in Hunter Biden’s Tax Debacle!

Gary Shapley, an IRS whistleblower, blew the whistle on the Hunter Biden tax investigation in an exciting interview with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, disclosing that some extremely severe felony charges were swept under the rug. Wednesday, Shapley appeared on Baier's program to share his explosive insights on the entire Hunter Biden scandal.

Baier wasted no time delving into the core of the matter, asking Shapley, "Does what you were investigating regarding Hunter Biden have criminal implications?" Shapley responded affirmatively with conviction. The most severe felony allegations were not considered." Oh, this is getting spicy, people!

Shapley went on to describe the allegations that, in his opinion, should have been pursued. He mentioned evasion for 2014 and fraudulent return for 2018 and 2019 respectively. Folks, this whistleblower is not holding back. But there's more! Shapley also argued that the quantity of tax evasion disclosed by Hunter Biden was vastly understated. In 2017 and 2018, public documents only mentioned "in excess of $100,000" for delinquent taxes. According to Shapley, however, the actual figures are mind-bogglingly higher: "$580,000 of failure to pay for 2017 and $620,000 for 2018." How could you trust it? And to think, the official estimate is only approximately $100,000. Someone has been sloppy with their tax payments.

Now, let's transfer our focus to the ongoing tax investigation of Hunter Biden by the IRS since 2018. This investigation focuses on his business dealings in China and Ukraine, as well as the tax compliance of he and his associates. However, Hunter Biden has swiftly denied any misconduct. We'll have to see!

However, there is more! In a recent interview with CBS News, Shapley discussed the alleged coercion at the IRS surrounding the investigation into Hunter Biden's dubious tax returns extending back to 2018. Yikes! The not-so-innocent first son struck a plea agreement with federal prosecutors last week, confessing to two misdemeanor tax fraud counts. How embarrassing to be discovered with your hand in the cookie container!

During the interview, Shapley delivered another bombshell, alleging that certain investigative steps were prohibited by IRS authorities. And who could these measures have led to? The president himself, Vice President Biden! What the heck, did Shapley just say that? He certainly did, people, he sure did. Additionally, he was not permitted to pursue these leads. What a way to impede the administration of justice!

Prepare yourselves for damage control from the White House. A second whistleblower asserts that the Justice Department did not have actual control over the Hunter Biden investigation. Instead, the White House exerted pressure to influence the outcome. What about accountability? Despite credible evidence that Hunter Biden avoided paying millions of dollars in taxes by creating bogus limited liability companies, this "stand down order" was issued. How could you trust it? Shapley even mentioned that the first son received "preferential treatment" from the IRS's top management. Unreal!

Critics of the Justice Department's agreement with Hunter Biden have been eager to point out that he is the sole recipient of leniency. No one else in Delaware has received such leniency for similar tax violations. Sounds to me like double standards!

Brace yourselves, as this Hunter Biden tax investigation is far from complete. The plot will continue to take unexpected turns, and you can guarantee that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Stay current!

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