Why Did the White House Give Silly Explanations for Why Joe Biden Wasn’t Talking to the Press?


Even while the White House press crew has, in general, been accommodating and polite to Democratic presidents throughout the course of history, President Joe Biden's access to the White House in 2021 was a cause of dissatisfaction for many people, including some of the CNN Democrat apologists.

The frequency with which this continues to occur prompts some journalists to vent their frustrations about it on Twitter. During press briefings, they sometimes even engage in direct confrontation with Jen Psaki. Less often, we come across pieces from major media sources that have made the decision to air their complaints in the most public forum imaginable.

Psaki's reaction has been the same over the course of the last year: "Biden takes questions from reporters every day" when he is either walking through the corridors of the White House or running around the grounds of the White House on his way to or from an engagement.

It is not the same as having official solo pressers, during which reporters have the chance to ask questions and expect to hear replies from the subject of the queries.

This information is not hidden from Jen Psaki in any way. This is precisely why these events are organized in such a manner as to mitigate the potential harm that may be caused by Joe Biden's response to a question posed by a journalist. In severe circumstances, the "Hideout Plan" may be put into action in order to protect Joe Biden from being reported on by the media.

The former veteran anchor for Fox News was given the opportunity to participate in uncommon journalism during a recent interview with Chris Wallace of CNN+. He did not release Psaki even after she supplied her "answer" to the subject of why Biden is afforded so much protection from the media.

In response to Psaki's deflective statement that "every day" was used, Wallace told her, "I'm going to come back at you about that." During his first year in office, President Joe Biden held a total of seven press conferences, including two in the White House and five abroad. Look at this, for example: During his first year in office, Joe Biden gave a total of 28 interviews to various news outlets. This is in contrast to the 95 interviews that Donald Trump gave over the same time period and the 162 interviews that Barack Obama gave. Jen serves as a more suitable illustration.

When it comes to topics like as access for the media, it is humiliating for the White House to be compared to Trump's previous administration. The fact that Psaki fielded questions from the White House press corps almost every day was the only feasible defense that he could provide.

Psaki was not allowed to get away with it thanks to Wallace. She noted that a journalist may pose a question in an informal situation such as a group press conference or a sit-down interview, where they would be allowed to follow up on their inquiry.

I'll tell you precisely why that's so different, Wallace said her as he gave her instructions. He emphasized that being in a standing position gives you the ability to accept questions, answer them, and then on to the next topic. However, he also said that Biden often answered questions with merely a portion of the truth before moving on. It is not the same as sitting down for twenty or thirty minutes with a reporter and then being forced to — in this situation, you cannot get up and go. You can't get away from it. It is not sufficient to just sit there and respond to the questions and then follow up. It is not the same thing in every way.

She was so frustrated when Wallace kept unexpectedly dropping receipts that she simply shrugged her shoulders and stated they would have to argue with each other.


Chris Wallace asked Jen Psaki why Biden has been so sheltered from the press.

Psaki got clearly offended and Wallace actually pushed back!

— Kevin Tober (@KevinTober94) April 20, 2022

While of right now, you should keep the following in mind as you continue to watch interviews in which Psaki participates:

Watch this and remember Jen Psaki is literally an already-hired member of the media …right now. She is about to work for NBC News and she clearly has disdain for both the institution of journalism, and the truth.

— Steve Krakauer (@SteveKrak) April 21, 2022

Because of this, she is an excellent candidate not just for the position of chief minister of truth for Biden's administration but also for MSNBC. Except for the fact that she will be allowed to make ridiculous assertions about President Biden's connection with the media on MSNBC, despite the fact that she was not a press secretary during her time in the Obama administration.

Because Biden has grown so awful at his job, his professional spinmeisters are finding it more difficult to invent explanations for him that aren't American Baghdad Bob. This makes it more probable that she will work there.

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