A Member of the Secret Service Is Unhappy With Team Biden’s Lies

The falsehoods that have been told by the Biden administration seem to have established a new benchmark.

The press secretary for the White House, Jen Psaki, made the assertion that Kamala Harris was concealing her identity and attempting to socially distance herself from Joe Biden. The video demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that this is not the case.

They tell falsehoods that are simple to disprove so that they may get away with lying about more significant issues.

They have lied about being bitten by dogs.

There’s a good chance that many of you have heard about the story that broke in March 2021 about Major Biden and his dog, Biden, who supposedly bit someone. Judicial Watch came into further information.

Psaki was able to minimize the significance of it by pointing out that there was an instance in which the dog was “surprised” by another person. In the Biden household, the dog is not to blame for the situation at all.

We found out that the White House wasn’t being completely forthright with us. There was not even a single nip. During the month of March, Major bit personnel from the Secret Service eight times. Only one of the incidents was reported to the authorities. Psaki was incensed by the fact that she attempted to downplay the seriousness of the situation.

The attack on March 8 was in fact the last one in a string that lasted for eight days. A coworker’s assessment of the injuries was that they were “serious,” and the wounded agent is upset with Psaki’s spin on the situation.

“NO! I didn’t surprise the dog by being at [redacted]!” the agent said to a coworker. He stated in his note, “Now, I’m pissed.”

The response from the coworker was “SMH. I am so sorry you were hurt too much.”

A member of the Secret Service who asked not to be named sent another message in which they referred to images of the region that had been bitten and said that the injuries can’t be characterized any way other than serious.

On March 8 at 7:15 in the morning, the event took place. Jill Biden was with the agent when they were seen in the White House residential quarters on the second story.

According to the account included in a recently declassified incident record, Major barked loudly [at the agent] without any prior warning or provocation, and as a result, he was charged.

According to the information in the files, Major bit the agent once more.

In May, there was a further incident that was reported in which the dog attacked a representative.

On May 12, 2013, a Secret Service agent issued an email in which they explained how their dog had jumped on the sleeves of my suit jacket. (My front teeth were barely grazing the surface of the skin.) As I raised my arm, the First Lady made an attempt to pull the dog away from me so that I could move.

In the month of February, there were apparently reports of two other instances.

According to the records, the Psaki agent’s supervisor provided him with instructions to conceal certain details of the attack from him.

The agent submitted this two years later when he was seeking recompense for the incident. “Major approached me from the corner and attacked me, ripping my wool overcoat that night.”

The individual was punished by the workers of the Secret Service who want to remain anonymous. The reprimand said, “Please submit language that has been approved by the legal office.” You should not make any changes to the information that has been provided to you unless it cannot be used.

You are allowed to go into further depth. The [request] will be handled if it has been modified to include the acceptable wording and if it has been updated.

The representative did not agree to repay him. He said that the government would not reimburse him since doing so would be too expensive for the taxpayers. Instead, he wanted to place the blame on the Biden family, who were the dog’s owners.

It is not clear what will take place after this.

This event demonstrates that the Biden team was more interested in attempting to minimize the seriousness of the situation than they were with the protection of the agents who were placed in danger by the dog. They were reluctant to provide more information for fear of exacerbating the situation. According to Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, the White House continues to conceal information and has not replied to these new findings. Fitton made this statement.

This is how Joe Biden feels about the individuals to whom the United States owes gratitude for their security.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Liberty Daily.

Written by Staff Reports

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