AI Death Calculator Raises Ethical Concerns Amid Accuracy Claims

In the past, people would guess how long they might live by looking at their parents and other ancestors, and considering various lifestyle factors. However, in the 21st century, technology has taken on this task with the creation of a “Death Calculator” by Danish researchers. This artificial intelligence tool uses data to make predictions about life expectancy and health outcomes.

Although the original AI tool was developed by Danish researchers at Life2vec, copycat apps have surfaced, causing concern for the creators. They emphasize that the legitimate tool’s data is not accessible through the internet and is stored securely.

The “death calculator” uses a data-driven model that accounts for various life factors and has been reported to be accurate around 78% of the time. The algorithm takes into consideration variables such as birth, education, social benefits, and work schedules, and it can make predictions about a wide range of outcomes, including health and financial status.

The creators emphasize that the AI tool is a research project and is not for sale. They are exploring the predictability of human lives based on detailed event sequences and the impact of social connections.

While the AI tool has potential benefits, some experts have raised concerns about potential misuse. Danish data ethics expert, Pernille Tranberg, mentioned that insurance companies already make similar calculations and that these predictions could be used for discriminatory purposes, such as determining insurance premiums or loan eligibility.

Despite the availability of prediction tools online, Tranberg cautioned that not all of them are reliable. She highlighted the importance of critically evaluating information found on the internet.

While the “death calculator” AI tool has the potential to provide valuable insights, it also raises ethical considerations. As the technology continues to advance, it is crucial to consider the implications and ensure that it is used responsibly and ethically.

Written by Staff Reports

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