Archie’s Dark Turn: Leftist Writer Invokes Fan Fury with “Judgment Day”

Archie Andrews, the beloved protagonist of Archie Comics, is known for his cheerful and lighthearted demeanor in the small town of Riverdale. However, a dark cloud is casting over the iconic character with the impending release of “Archie Comics: Judgement Day.” In this upcoming miniseries, Archie will embark on a perilous journey to rid an alternate version of Riverdale from demons, plunging the gang into a realm of darkness.

This drastic shift in tone has left many long-time fans scratching their heads and it’s no wonder! The mastermind behind this eerie transformation is none other than Aubrey Sitterson, a writer notorious for his far-left political views. Sitterson’s track record with controversial storytelling doesn’t bode well for the wholesome escapades Archie and his friends are known for.

In the past, Sitterson’s work on a “G.I. Joe” comic caused a stir when he transformed a traditional character into a Samoan lesbian, leading to the series being canceled after just three issues due to poor sales. Furthermore, his insensitive remarks about the tragic events of September 11th exhibit a lack of respect, sparking outrage and alienating many potential readers.

Diehard fans of Archie Comics, much like those of “G.I. Joe,” are understandably wary of Sitterson’s influence on the beloved franchise. One prominent member of the G.I. Joe community even expressed their disapproval, stating that Sitterson’s divisive comments and actions had led to a dismissal of him as nothing more than an antagonist and provocateur.

As the impending release of “Archie Comics: Judgement Day” looms closer, it’s evident that Sitterson’s involvement has sparked skepticism and unease among devotees. Will Archie Comics fans embrace this new and darker direction, or will they lament the departure from the classic, feel-good adventures that have cemented Archie’s place in pop culture history? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: the looming shadow cast by “Judgment Day” has left the future of Riverdale’s beloved characters shrouded in uncertainty.

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