Sunny Hostin Blindly Shields DA Willis, Ignores Trump Case Bias!

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin has once again shown her outrageous bias by dismissing the serious allegations against Fulton County, GA District Attorney Fani Willis. Hostin, during her appearance on “The View,” shamelessly claimed that there’s no case against Willis’ eligibility in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump. Of course, this is just another attempt by the liberal media to protect their own and discredit any attempts to hold them accountable.

According to Hostin, the entire investigation is merely a political move orchestrated by Trump to delay the case and protect himself in the future. She even had the audacity to suggest that if Trump were to become president again, he would use this as an excuse to avoid prosecution. The nerve of these biased pundits to suggest such a thing is just mind-boggling.

Hostin also made the absurd claim that Georgia law allows for romantic relationships between co-counsel, including opposing counsel. Can you believe the lengths these liberals will go to defend their own? It’s clear that Hostin is towing the liberal line and disregarding any semblance of objectivity.

Furthermore, Hostin attempted to downplay the conflict of interest allegations against Willis by asserting that there is no evidence to prove that she had a financial interest in the outcome of the case. This blatant dismissal of such serious allegations is a prime example of the left’s desperation to protect their own, regardless of the facts.

Hostin’s partisan and biased remarks on “The View” only serve to highlight the lengths to which the left will go to shield their allies from accountability. The American people deserve fair and balanced reporting, not baseless defenses of liberal officials. It’s time to call out this biased rhetoric and demand accountability. Let’s hope Hostin and her ilk come to their senses and start reporting the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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