Biden Admin Criticized for Neglecting Southern Border Environmental Harm

The Biden administration is facing criticism for not taking care of the southern border, and the Interior Secretary, Deb Haaland, confessed that she has not visited the area to address concerns about the environmental impact of illegal immigration on federal lands. This lack of attention from a key Cabinet member raises questions about the administration’s commitment to protecting the environment and enforcing immigration laws.

It is concerning that Secretary Haaland admitted to not visiting the southern border despite being aware of the significant environmental issues caused by illegal immigration. The revelation that 193 tons of trash were left on federal lands along the border in just one year highlights the urgent need for action. The fact that the Interior Department did not allocate any funds for clean-up efforts in the region is unacceptable.

Rep. Tom Tiffany’s Trash Reduction and Suppressing Harm from Environmental Degradation (TRASHED) at the Border Act aims to address the environmental damage caused by illegal migrants and hold them accountable for littering on federal lands. The proposed legislation seeks to mitigate trash accumulation, water contamination, and wildlife habitat destruction, as well as mandate reporting on environmental impacts in affected border areas.

The Biden administration’s failure to prioritize the environmental consequences of illegal immigration is evident in Secretary Haaland’s lack of action and funding for clean-up initiatives. It is essential to address these environmental challenges and enforce laws to protect federal lands from harm. The TRASHED Border Act offers a potential solution to the trash problem and should be considered to address the environmental impact of illegal immigration on the southern border.

Overall, it is crucial for the Biden administration to take responsibility for the environmental damage caused by illegal immigration and work towards solutions to protect federal lands and wildlife habitats. Ignoring these issues only exacerbates the challenges faced at the southern border and undermines efforts to conserve natural resources.

Written by Staff Reports

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