Biden Bemoans “Shrinkflation” in Super Bowl Snacks – Ignores Real Inflation Crisis

In a cringe-worthy video, President Joe Biden decided to grace the American people with his complaints about “shrinkflation” affecting Super Bowl snacks. Seriously, Joe? This is the best you’ve got? Perhaps he thought this would distract everyone from his memory lapses and stumble-prone speeches, but it only made him look more out of touch.

In the video, Biden whines about the smaller sizes of sports drink bottles, bags of chips with fewer chips, and even ice cream cartons that have mysteriously shrunk. He claims it’s a ripoff and calls on companies to stop “pulling a fast one” on the American public. But let’s be real here, Joe. Is this really the most pressing issue our country is facing right now?

It’s comical how Biden tries to come across as a man of the people while filming this in the White House theater. I guess he couldn’t be trusted to actually hold a bag of chips or eat ice cream on camera. Maybe his handlers were afraid he would forget what he was doing and mistakenly start eating the microphone instead.

But what’s truly laughable is Biden’s attempt to shift blame onto corporations for the skyrocketing grocery bills caused by his disastrous economic policies. It’s classic Biden playbook – blame everyone else and take no responsibility. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts blaming corporate greed for his son Beau’s tragic death next.

As a conservative, it’s infuriating to see Biden’s complete lack of understanding of basic economics. Instead of addressing the real issues, like the inflation crisis his administration has created, he’s busy complaining about snack sizes. Way to prioritize, Joe. But hey, at least we can always count on him for a good laugh. Keep it up, Mr. President. You’re making a strong case for term limits.

Written by Staff Reports

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