Biden Betrays Israel at UN: GOP Slams Ceasefire Absence as Gift to Hamas!

In an act of betrayal against America’s closest ally, Israel, the Biden administration has abstained from a crucial United Nations resolution to bring an immediate ceasefire to the conflict with Hamas. House Republicans are firing back, accusing the administration of undermining Israel and jeopardizing their safety on the world stage.

The decision to abstain from the resolution not only allowed it to pass through the UN but also angered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the point of canceling his visit to the United States. Rep. Andy Biggs and a group of Republican lawmakers penned a scathing letter to President Biden, condemning the administration’s actions and urging the president to stand in solidarity with Israel against the terrorist group Hamas.

The resolution that passed through the United Nations called for an immediate ceasefire, a move that the U.S. has historically vetoed in the past to protect Israel. However, the latest resolution included language calling for the release of hostages, a condition that the U.S. has been advocating for. Despite this, the Biden administration chose to abstain, drawing sharp criticism from Republican lawmakers who fear the ceasefire would only give Hamas an opportunity to regroup and launch further attacks on Israel.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield defended the abstention by stating that the U.S. could not fully support the resolution’s text. However, Republicans argue that by allowing the resolution to pass, the Biden administration is effectively appeasing Hamas and emboldening them to continue their violent assaults on Israel.

A group of 11 House Republicans, including Reps. Andy Ogles, Eli Crane, Alex Mooney, Clay Higgins, Gary Palmer, Barry Moore, Josh Brecheen, Anthony D’Esposito, Vern Buchanan, Randy Weber, and Andrew Clyde, have joined Rep. Biggs in calling for a swift response from President Biden. The letter demands that the president halt the administration’s undermining of Israel and take a firm stand against Hamas.

As tensions continue to rise in the Middle East, it remains to be seen whether the Biden administration will heed the call from House Republicans and reassure Israel of America’s unwavering support in the face of terrorism. The Washington Examiner has reached out to the White House for comment but has received no response at this time.

Written by Staff Reports

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