Biden Betrays Israel, Flirts with Hamas in Shady Ceasefire Move!

Last night, Joe Biden left Israel out in the cold as he decided to cozy up to Hamas. The terrorist group declared a ceasefire, and the White House was quick to entertain the idea. However, the Israelis were blindsided by the news – they were never consulted about this so-called “deal.” It turns out that Hamas had slyly twisted the terms of a prior agreement, leaving Israel in the lurch once again.

This move by the Biden administration is not just a slight to Israel, but it also emboldens a group that has a long history of wanton violence and terror. By entertaining Hamas’ proposal without consulting Israel, the Biden administration is essentially giving a green light to more violence and instability in the region.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden and his team have a soft spot for appeasing America’s enemies, but leaving a staunch ally like Israel out of the loop is a new low. It’s essential for the United States to stand firmly with Israel and not entertain the whims of terrorist organizations like Hamas.

The lack of consultation with Israel not only undermines our ally’s security but also sends a dangerous message to other US allies around the world. It’s time for the Biden administration to prioritize the safety and security of our allies and stop playing footsie with terrorists.

Written by Staff Reports

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