Biden Claims Arrest, Agrees to Risky Debate with Trump

Joe Biden recently appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show where he shared some unbelievable stories. From claiming he got arrested during the civil rights movement to saying women sent him inappropriate pictures, his tales seemed far from reality. This isn’t the first time Biden has stretched the truth. It’s becoming a pattern for him to make up stories.

Moreover, when asked about debating former President Trump, Biden seemed unsure but eventually agreed. However, this decision might not sit well with his advisors, who have been careful about exposing him too much. By agreeing to a debate, Biden might be stepping into a situation where he can’t rely on prepared answers or a friendly environment like the Stern show.

Many believe Biden could struggle in a debate with Trump, given his recent gaffes and confusion in public appearances. It’s possible that Biden’s team will backtrack on his agreement to debate, knowing the challenges he might face. Avoiding a debate could be a strategic move to protect Biden from potential embarrassment or being overshadowed by Trump’s strong presence.

In the end, Biden’s willingness to debate Trump raises questions about his preparedness and ability to hold his own in a face-off. Given his recent slip-ups and the efforts to shield him from tough situations, it remains to be seen if Biden will follow through on his agreement or if his team will find a way to back out gracefully. Would Biden really stand a chance against Trump in a debate? It’s doubtful, considering his track record of verbal missteps and confusion.

Written by Staff Reports

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