Biden Executive Order Prioritizes Voter Registration for Ex-Cons, Immigrants

In a recent investigation by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, it was revealed that President Joe Biden’s executive order, titled “Promoting Access to Voting,” seems to be more about getting ex-cons and immigrants registered to vote than anything else. The investigation showed that the Biden administration held a “Listening Session” with some left-leaning non-governmental organizations (NGOs) after the order was signed.

During this session, the NGOs, including the Sentencing Project and Campaign Legal Center, primarily discussed the registration of convicts to vote. They even suggested that not allowing felons to vote is a form of voter suppression. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, why not let the bank robber help decide who runs the bank?”

Additionally, there was talk about making it easier for immigrants, especially those newly naturalized, to get onto the voter rolls. Suggestions were made to have voter registration info available at naturalization ceremonies and in multiple languages on the government’s official website. It’s like they want to give away participation trophies for voting.

The Oversight Project criticized Biden’s executive order as a “partisan voter mobilization effort” aimed at using federal resources to influence future elections. It’s like trying to push a round peg through a square hole – just doesn’t quite fit.

Iit seems like Biden’s executive order may not be as “nonpartisan” as he claims. With a heavy focus on registering convicts to vote and making it easier for immigrants to join the voter rolls, it’s clear that there’s a specific agenda at play here. And that agenda seems to lean heavily to the left.

Written by Staff Reports

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