Biden Family Mass Masks Hunter’s Seedy Deals: A Closer Look into the House Impeachment Inquiry

President Biden and his family, including his son Hunter Biden, observed a private Mass in Delaware to mark the 51st anniversary of a devastating car accident that took the lives of Joe Biden’s first wife and daughter. The Biden clan, consisting of the president, his wife Jill, his daughter Ashley, and Hunter, was accompanied by Hunter’s wife Melissa Cohen and their young child, Beau, at St. Joseph on the Brandywine near Wilmington. Following the service, the family paid their respects at the graves of Neilia and Naomi Biden.

This touching family gathering occurred as President Biden gears up for a potential re-election while facing scrutiny over his son Hunter’s questionable foreign business dealings, particularly during Biden’s time as vice president. House Republicans are currently investigating Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in Hunter and his brother James’s business affairs. The recent House vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry added fuel to the fire, especially after Hunter refused to appear for a deposition and instead delivered a defiant speech outside the Capitol. The White House’s acknowledgment of President Biden being aware of Hunter’s actions ahead of time could potentially support claims of obstructing Congress.

Critics argue that Joe Biden used his influence to benefit Hunter and James’s business ventures, particularly with individuals from China, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine. They claim that these associates financially rewarded the Biden family without clear evidence of services being provided. On the other side, supporters of the president argue that Joe Biden did nothing improper, and Hunter has attributed some of his previous actions to struggles with addiction following the loss of his brother Beau.

Amidst the impeachment inquiry, Hunter faces separate legal challenges, including federal charges for gun violations in Delaware and tax fraud in Los Angeles. His decision to walk away from a probation-only plea deal in July has raised further questions about potential legal ramifications and allegations related to the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which could implicate his father.

The Biden family’s private Mass and cemetery visit provided a solemn backdrop to ongoing political and legal challenges, serving as a reminder of the personal trials they have faced throughout the years.

Written by Staff Reports

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