Biden Fumbles Again: Cue Cards No Match for Memory Slips

In a recent incident that may be considered an awkward stumble for President Joe Biden, his use of cue cards during a news conference resulted in yet another cringe-inducing moment. Despite having cue cards to assist in identifying which reporters to call on, Biden faced difficulty recalling the name of the CBS News reporter he was meant to address. "I’m embarrassed…I think it’s CBS, but I can’t remember who at CBS," he admitted during the briefing.

The White House transcript later revealed that the reporter in question was CBS News’ Weijia Jiang. However, the primary concern here extends beyond Biden's momentary forgetfulness. It revolves around the observation that, even with cue cards, he struggled to correctly recall the name. This incident is not isolated, as Biden has previously stumbled over reporters' names despite the aid of cue cards.

In past news conferences, cue cards were employed with the reporter’s name spelled out phonetically, accompanied by a general outline of the question they intended to pose. Despite such assistance, Biden still grappled with pronunciation, once referring to a reporter as "Courtney, Los Angeles Times" and mispronouncing her last name.

While it is common for a president to use aids during press conferences, the extent to which Biden relies on cue cards raises concerns, not only about shielding himself from challenging questions but also about his cognitive state. Despite attempts to downplay these instances and dismiss worries about Biden's mental acuity, the visual evidence from pictures and videos is compelling. This situation prompts questions about the president's ability to meet the demands of the office. The recurring reliance on cue cards, far from being a matter of preference, appears to be a necessity for Biden, and even with this aid, challenges persist.

In conclusion, the consistent dependence on cue cards by President Biden raises legitimate doubts about his mental sharpness and capability to fulfill the responsibilities of the presidency. It is crucial for the American people to acknowledge this reality and call for accountability from their leaders.







Written by Staff Reports

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