Biden Fumbles Kamala’s Name Again: Incompetence or Disrespect?

Folks, can we just talk about Joe Biden for a moment? The man is a master at pandering. It’s like he’s got a checklist of groups to pander to, and he never misses an opportunity to check off those boxes.

Whether it’s black churches, firefighters, or even trains, Biden will find a way to insert himself into the conversation. And boy, does he love talking about his close encounters with danger, like the time his house almost burned down with his prized Corvette inside. Priorities, am I right?

But let’s not forget about his awkward moments with black people. From his cringe-worthy comments about Barack Obama to his infamous “you ain’t black” remark, Biden just can’t seem to get it right. And now, during an event for Black History Month, he stumbled yet again.

In a bizarre display of affection, Biden grabbed Kamala Harris’ hand and gushed about what a “real leader” and “true friend” she is. Now, I don’t know about you, but I thought Kamala was a woman. Maybe Joe forgot, considering his penchant for sniffing women’s hair.

But here’s the real kicker: Biden still can’t get Kamala’s name right! After three years of working together, you’d think he would have at least mastered that. It’s either a serious cognitive issue or a deliberate lack of respect. Either way, it’s clear their relationship is not as rosy as Biden wants us to believe.

And let’s not overlook Jill Biden’s role as the “handler” once again. It’s evident that she’s the one calling the shots behind the scenes, directing Joe off the stage like a toddler in need of guidance. It’s honestly sad to see her bear this burden, but it speaks volumes about the president’s inability to function independently.

As the event continued, Biden struggled to maintain control. People ignored his attempts to quiet them, and he found himself whispering to Jill for advice. It’s a far cry from the strong and decisive leadership we need in the White House.

In the end, the performance chosen for the event seemed fitting for Biden’s current predicament. The lyrics “You can’t make your heart feel something it won’t” resonated with the reality that Biden can’t make the American people love him if we simply don’t. And let’s be honest, folks, I don’t think we’ll be shedding any tears when his time in office comes to an end next January.

It’s time for a leader who doesn’t rely on empty pandering and has the mental clarity to navigate the challenges ahead. And Joe Biden, well, he’s shown time and time again that he’s just not up to the task.

Written by Staff Reports

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