Biden Fumbles Through Teleprompter Speech in Wisconsin

President Joe Biden’s recent speech in Wisconsin once again put his struggles with teleprompters on display. In his remarks about the “investing in America agenda,” Biden started off by sharing a story about his high school days in Delaware, claiming that his school overwhelmingly supported the Green Bay Packers. He also mentioned a teacher who was supposedly drafted by the Packers and used to give students time off on Mondays after the team’s victories.

However, it seems that either Biden’s speechwriters forgot to fill in certain details or Biden himself had trouble recalling them, as he stumbled over the name of the teacher, referring to him as “Riley last name.” This incident is just the latest example of Biden’s teleprompter struggles, as he has previously been caught reading out stage directions like “PAUSE” during his speeches.

The incident raises questions about the authenticity of Biden’s anecdote and his ability to effectively deliver prepared remarks. It also reinforces concerns about who is really in control of the president’s public appearances, as his handlers continue to face challenges in keeping him on track during speeches.

Overall, the episode highlights the ongoing issues with Biden’s reliance on teleprompters and the potential impact on his credibility as a leader.

Written by Staff Reports

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