Biden Funds $1M Bird Flu Experiments with China: Outrage Ensues

The Biden administration is making headlines again for all the wrong reasons! It turns out they’ve been shelling out big bucks, to the tune of a whopping $1 million in taxpayer dough, for some sketchy bird flu experiments with China. And who’s leading the charge against this fowl play? None other than the sharp-witted Sen. Joni Ernst from the great state of Iowa!

Why in the world is the U.S. Department of Agriculture cozying up to China, collaborating on experiments involving a super nasty avian influenza virus? Sen. Ernst is demanding answers, and rightly so! She’s not about to let the Biden bunch off easy on this one. The Chinese Academy of Sciences and a Wuhan Institute of Virology researcher are in cahoots with our own government on this feather-brained scheme.

The New York Post got the scoop, revealing that these experiments are all about testing the ability of the virus to spread from birds to humans. That’s right, they’re infecting vaccinated chickens, ducks, geese, and quail to see just how transmissible this bug really is. Sen. Ernst ain’t having it – she wants to know if the proper safety measures are in place for these risky experiments. She’s not mincing words either, calling out the Biden USDA for playing chicken with our health and safety.

You know Sen. Ernst ain’t one to tiptoe around the issues. She wrote in her letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that sending taxpayer money to buddy up with the Chinese Communist Party on potentially dangerous flu research is nothing short of reckless. And she’s got a point – after all we’ve been through with that Wuhan Lab escapade, you’d think they’d learn their lesson. Guess not!

The outrage is spreading like wildfire on social media, with folks echoing Sen. Ernst’s concerns about these covert experiments. It’s high time for the Biden administration to put their foot down and cut off the cash flow to our adversaries. We can’t afford to play chicken with our national security! Let’s hope Sen. Ernst gets to the bottom of this bird-brained scheme and puts an end to it before it hatches into something truly catastrophic.

Written by Staff Reports

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