Biden Hijacks Easter 2024 for Trans Agenda, Angers Christians

President Biden has once again made a controversial move, declaring Easter Sunday 2024 as “Transgender Day of Visibility,” much to the chagrin of many conservative Americans. The White House press release gushed about transgender Americans, proclaiming their courage and contributions to the nation, and reaffirming Biden’s commitment to equality.

Those on the right are rolling their eyes at this latest virtue-signaling gesture. Biden seems more concerned with pushing his progressive agenda than actually focusing on the needs and concerns of everyday Americans. It’s no surprise that he’s pandering to the LGBTQI+ community yet again, even bragging about appointing transgender individuals to high-ranking positions.

The appointment of the so-called “admiral” Rachel Levine, who advocates for gender reassignment surgeries for children, has raised eyebrows and concerns among conservatives. The push for extreme policies like these only serve to further divide the country and undermine traditional values.

Biden’s attack on governors who have signed legislation banning gender-reassignment programs for children is yet another example of his overreach. By labeling those who disagree with him as “extremists,” Biden is alienating a large portion of the population who hold traditional views on gender and family.

Conservative Christians, in particular, have expressed outrage over Biden’s decision to honor transgenderism on Easter Sunday, a holiest of days for Christians. It seems like Biden is more interested in scoring political points with his liberal base than respecting the beliefs and values of millions of Americans.

In the end, this latest move by the Biden administration only serves to further polarize the nation. Instead of focusing on issues that truly unite us, he continues to push divisive and controversial policies that cater to a select few. It’s time for a return to common sense and traditional values in the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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