Biden Opts Out of Commission Debates, Prefers Controlled Setups

The Biden campaign made a big announcement by saying they won’t be a part of the Presidential Debates Commission, a group that sets up important debates between the candidates for the president. Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, wants to have debates with Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, in June and September that everyone can watch on TV.

Some people think Biden doesn’t want to do the regular debates because he has a hard time speaking well in public without help. They believe he prefers to talk where everything is planned out instead of answering questions freely. Even though Biden says Trump lost debates before, he doesn’t mention he also didn’t want to debate his other Democratic opponents when he was running for president.

President Trump is ready to debate Biden and disagrees with him not wanting to join the regular debates set up by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Trump thinks it’s time for them to talk face-to-face in front of everyone, even if it means following the rules of the debate commission, even though Trump believes the commission showed bias against him in the past.

Conservatives may believe that Biden is avoiding traditional debates to keep from making mistakes in front of the American people. They may see this move as a way for Biden to dodge tough questions and not be put on the spot. Trump supporters might view Trump’s willingness to debate anytime and anywhere as a sign of strength and confidence in being able to discuss important issues openly.

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