Biden Skips Ash Wednesday, Faith Fades for Politics?

The self-proclaimed “devout Catholic” President Joe Biden has once again shown his true colors by completely ignoring Ash Wednesday, a significant day for Christians and Roman Catholics around the world. Despite previous years where he made a big deal about observing the start of Lent, this time he couldn’t even bother to release a statement or tweet acknowledging the day. It seems like Biden’s faith conveniently takes a backseat when it’s politically convenient for him.

In 2021, the White House released a statement about Ash Wednesday, and in 2022 and 2023, Biden’s official Twitter account made sure to mention the start of Lent. But this year, not a peep. It’s clear that Biden’s devotion to his faith is as inconsistent as his stance on important issues.

While Biden may have slyly attended Ash Wednesday mass and received ashes, it’s still disheartening to see his lack of public acknowledgment. And let’s not forget, Ash Wednesday is not even a holy day of obligation for Catholics, so the fact that many go out of their way to attend mass and receive ashes shows their commitment to their faith. But apparently, Biden couldn’t be bothered to make a simple statement or tweet in recognition.

What makes this even more troubling is Biden’s track record of targeting the Catholic Church. From his unwavering support for abortion rights to his failure to defend religious liberties, it’s clear that his actions do not align with the teachings of the Church. It’s a grave scandal that the second Catholic president of the United States seems to be more interested in pandering to his progressive base than upholding the values of his faith.

And let’s not forget Biden’s hypocrisy when it comes to his personal sacrifices for Lent. In 2022, he proudly announced that he would be giving up ice cream. How noble. But this year, he conveniently kept quiet about what he planned to give up. Perhaps he realized that his petty sacrifices wouldn’t distract from his anti-Catholic policies and disregard for the Church’s teachings.

It’s clear that Biden’s “devout Catholic” label is nothing more than a political ploy. His actions speak louder than words, and they reveal a man who is more interested in appeasing his secular progressive base than living out his faith. The American people deserve a leader who will uphold religious freedom and respect the values of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Sadly, Joe Biden falls short on both counts.

Written by Staff Reports

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