Biden Staff in Disguise: Desperate Vigil or Political Sideshow?

Dozens of Biden administration staffers decided to play dress-up during a candlelight vigil in a desperate attempt to conceal their identities. Imagine grown adults wearing sunglasses, masks, and scarves like they’re some kind of secret agents. But who are they really hiding from? Themselves, apparently.

The highlight of this little charade was none other than Josh Paul, a former State Department official who conveniently resigned in October over his disagreement with President Biden’s handling of the war. Talk about a convenient way to grab some attention. Paul took the opportunity to deliver a monologue, claiming that the temporary ceasefire wasn’t enough and demanding an immediate, permanent ceasefire agreement.

Now, hold on just a minute. These staffers have the audacity to demand President Biden and his Cabinet to speak up and call for a ceasefire? Last time we checked, they were the ones working for Biden, not the other way around. It’s clear that these individuals have forgotten who is in charge here.

It’s no surprise that tensions are rising within the Biden administration over their handling of the conflict. Even last month, over 700 staffers signed a letter asking Biden to support a ceasefire. Don’t they have work to do? Perhaps they should focus on the tasks they were actually hired to perform instead of dabbling in international politics.

But it doesn’t stop there. Congressional staffers also joined in on this masquerade by holding a vigil in front of the Capitol. Apparently, disguises are the new trend in Washington. It’s like a political version of a child’s game of hide-and-seek. Do these people really think they’re fooling anyone?

It’s clear that these staff members are more interested in using their positions to push their personal agendas rather than supporting the President and his policies. It’s a shame that they are not putting their energy towards advancing the conservative values that the American people voted for.

In the end, these theatrics are nothing more than a political sideshow. It’s time for these staffers to take off their disguises and get back to work. The American people elected Joe Biden to lead, not his staff. It’s time for them to remember their place and stop grandstanding for the cameras.

Written by Staff Reports

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