Biden Team Mulls Semi-Online DNC Over Protest Fears

In a recent development, Biden officials are suggesting a semi-online format for the 2024 Democrat National Convention. They are concerned about potential disruptions from their own radical voting base during live speeches. It seems they fear a repetition of the chaotic 1968 protests in Chicago that led to Richard Nixon’s victory. The decision could leave Democrats vulnerable to criticism for avoiding direct engagement with their own supporters.

Some members of Biden’s team believe that a hybrid convention, with a blend of in-person and pre-recorded elements, would attract more viewers while minimizing the risk of protests. However, this strategy may not prevent unrest from being highlighted by the media. News outlets are likely to focus on any disruptions, regardless of the event’s format. The attempt to control the narrative by going semi-online could backfire by fueling more intense protests.

Notably, the proposal to have firm leadership at the convention to maintain order, such as Nancy Pelosi or Karen Bass, may not deter determined protesters. The challenges in managing protests are further complicated by the supportive stance of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson towards radical demonstrations. The Democrats are facing a dilemma as they navigate how to handle their increasingly unruly base while maintaining a positive public image.

From a conservative perspective, the Democrats’ decision to consider a semi-online convention reflects their struggle to manage the consequences of embracing extreme ideologies. By attempting to avoid potential disruptions, they risk appearing weak and evasive. The situation underscores the pitfalls of catering to radical elements within the party. Ultimately, the Democrats may find it difficult to reconcile their party’s internal divisions with presenting a united front to the American public.

Written by Staff Reports

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