Biden Team Stumbles Defending Violent Illegals, Ignites Conservative Fury

The White House faced questioning about illegal immigrants committing violent crimes against Americans today. Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre and National Security Council spokesman John Kirby found themselves in a tough spot as they tried to defend the Biden administration’s stance on immigration. Jean Pierre praised illegal immigrants as an “important part of the fabric” of the country, which had many conservatives shaking their heads in disbelief. She then called on Congress to resurrect failed legislation, which clearly did not sit well with those who want to see stricter immigration policies.

In addition to defending the administration’s stance on immigration, Jean Pierre was also asked about Biden’s past use of the term “bloodbath.” This came after the White House had criticized former President Trump for using the same term. When Trump used it, it was condemned, but now that Biden has used it, there seems to be a double standard at play. Conservatives were quick to point out this inconsistency, and it caused quite a stir among those who feel that the media and political elite treat the two presidents very differently.

To make matters more complicated for the White House, Kirby had to address the terrible news of yet another American being killed by an illegal immigrant. This tragic loss of life struck a nerve with many, leading to calls for tougher border security and immigration enforcement. The Republican National Committee wasted no time in launching a new website dedicated to highlighting crimes committed by illegal immigrants and pinning the blame on Biden’s open border policies. This move stirred up even more frustration among those who feel that the current administration’s approach to immigration is putting American lives at risk.

As the debate rages on, one thing is clear – the issue of illegal immigration and its impact on American safety is not going away anytime soon. With both sides firmly entrenched in their positions, it seems unlikely that any meaningful progress will be made in the near future. For now, the battle over the border continues to be a hot-button issue that arouses passionate feelings on both sides of the political spectrum.

Written by Staff Reports

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