Bidenomics on Life Support as New Poll Shocks Nation!

In a desperate attempt to salvage Joe Biden’s plummeting approval ratings, the White House has come up with a new marketing campaign called ‘Bidenomics.’ However, it seems that this effort might be more of a flop than a success. A recent NBC News poll has revealed that only 19 percent of Americans believe that their children will have brighter economic prospects than themselves, marking the lowest result since the survey started in 1990.

One might try to spin this as an achievement of ‘Bidenomics,’ but the reality is much bleaker. ‘Bidenomics’ means struggling to afford a home due to skyrocketing interest rates. It means paying exorbitant prices for a simple meal at a fast-food restaurant. It means driving your old clunker because a new car is simply unaffordable. It means watching your retirement savings stagnate due to a lackluster stock market. It means sacrificing your planned vacation because the cost of airfare has soared. It means watching your savings diminish while taking on a second job just to make ends meet.

The infuriating thing about this issue is that politicians can’t lie about it. They can try to spin it, but people know what’s happening in their bank accounts. The cost of living keeps rising, and the American dream seems further out of reach than ever before. The economy doesn’t have to be in a recession to feel the negative effects of ‘Bidenomics.’ It’s about the everyday struggles and hardships that regular Americans face.

The White House’s attempt to paint a positive picture of this economic disaster is nothing short of laughable. It’s clear that ‘Bidenomics’ is failing, and the American people aren’t buying it. And let’s not forget that this poll result could also be influenced by Joe Biden’s disastrous foreign policy decisions, which have made the world a more unstable and dangerous place. But one Biden disaster at a time, please.


Written by Staff Reports

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