Biden’s America: Shopper Safety Under Siege as Crime Surges!

As long as the Biden Administration, Democratic Party and liberals are in charge, the world will only get more dangerous for honest, hard-working people. Criminals, on the other hand, will have a field day.

Why, you ask? It’s simple really. Danger and fear give these wrongdoers power and control over our lives. That’s exactly what they want. And once they’ve got a taste of it, good luck trying to turn society around!

Take, for instance, a recent robbery at a new Tanger Outlet center in Antioch, Tennessee. According to WSMV-TV, a duo of thieves managed to snatch thousands of dollars worth of designer merchandise on a casual Sunday, less than a month after the store opened. These audacious perpetrators, decked out in medical masks and beanies, were caught on camera making a dash for it with high-priced jackets and handbags from a Michael Kors store.

If you thought this type of blatant theft was rare, think again. It’s sadly become a common occurrence at retail stores across the nation. This despicable behavior is only emboldened and encouraged by the soft-on-crime policies of President Joe Biden’s regime.



The lack of action and mere slaps on the wrist for criminals are only making them more fearless, while the rest of us are left feeling vulnerable and unprotected. Customers are starting to see through the facade and are no longer hopeful that the situation will improve under Democratic leadership.

The acceptance of such lawlessness has reached a point where people are resigned to the looting and are now demanding more security measures instead of holding the criminals accountable. One resident, Dorea Fitzgerald, nonchalantly remarked, “I feel like it’s part of the holiday season. People are going to steal. That is what it is. I’m not concerned.” This defeatist attitude is not just disheartening but also sets the stage for even more brazen crime.

By normalizing this surge in criminal activity, those who are complacent are unwittingly paving the way for a terrifying new norm that erodes the fabric of our society. If left unchecked, crime will wreak havoc on everything it touches. It will take more than just additional police to wrangle it under control.

The audacity of these thieves to steal with abandon and the lack of security at the new Tanger Outlet is disheartening. Shoppers deserve to browse and make purchases in peace, without the fear and anxiety of falling victim to crime.

It’s a sad state of affairs when people feel it’s necessary to demand added security just to go shopping. Like Janice Green, who suggested, “It wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit of security for a while, anyway.”

The truth is, these thieves belong behind bars, and establishments like the Tanger Outlet should be able to operate without the constant threat of theft. But with each passing day, it seems like the U.S. is resembling a Third-World country more and more.

While the outlet manager reassures ongoing communication with the police department and other security measures, one can’t help but wonder about the rest of the nation grappling with similar challenges. We simply cannot allow this downward spiral to become the new normal.

The only solution is to vote for leaders who are tough on crime and are not swayed by the destructive Democratic ideology that grips the United States today. It’s clear that Republicans need to regain control of the government, including the Oval Office, in order to restore law and order.

It’s more imperative now than ever to support outlets like The Western Journal, which have the audacity to speak the truth and uphold traditional American values in the face of censorship and cancel culture.

Let’s stand together to fight for truth and freedom in America.

Written by Staff Reports

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